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The Coast to Coast Walk
There are a number of important closures and variations to the Coast to Coast route.

Click on the links for details:
Closure at Catterick Bridge (A1) Variations to the route
Shap Abbey: Ref: A Coast to Coast Walk p. 55
Shap Abbey: Ref: A Coast to Coast Walk p. 57
Richmond: Ref: A Coast to Coast Walk p. 111
Catterick Bridge: Ref: A Coast to Coast Walk p. 113
Sleights Moor: Ref: A Coast to Coast Walk p. 155
May Beck & Low Sneaton Moor: A Coast to Coast Walk
p. 157

The Coast to Coast Walk: Campaign for a National Trail

The Wainwright Society is supporting a new campaign to have the Coast to Coast Walk upgraded to National Trail status. The campaign was launched by Rishi Sunak, the MP for Richmond, N. Yorkshire, in April. Read the full story here.

Reeth and District Community Transport Limited

This local charity, based in Reeth can offer (best if pre-booked) transport for the Coast to Coast walkers, whilst in the vicinity of Swaledale, especially those who are doing the walk in stages.  They are happy to drive groups and meet the Number 30 service which now terminates at Reeth.  They also provide transport between bus times, if walkers would like to eat in Reeth before carrying on.

They can also offer pre-bookable days out if walkers are having a few days off by calling 01748 880021 or emailing

The aim is to make visitors to the area feel very welcome and want to cater for their transport needs to ensure they enjoy their stay in Swaledale or beyond.

A summary of the Coast to Coast walk
A Coast to Coast Walk was devised by Wainwright himself, and set out in his 1973 guidebook to the route.

According to Wainwright's Coast to Coast guidebook, the route is a 190-mile walk across Northern England. It passes through three contrasting national parks: the Lake District National Park, the Yorkshire Dales National Park, and the North York Moors National Park.

Wainwright suggested a way of breaking the walk miles into stages, each of which to be completed in a day. With one or two rest days, this makes the route fit into a two-week holiday. However, Wainwright explicitly stated that he did not intend people to necessarily stick to these stages or even to his route: for example, by reducing day-lengths to 10 or 12 miles, the walk becomes a much easier three-week trip with time to 'stand and stare'.

In 2004 the walk was named as the second best walk in the world according to a survey of experts.

In 2012 it was announced that a new waymarker, featuring Wainwright’s AW signature, will appear on finger posts where the route crosses a public road. The Society hopes that the waymarking will be completed during 2013, which is the fortieth anniversary of Wainwright’s guidebook, published in 1973. The Society is planning events to celebrate this anniversary in 2013. For more information read the Society's press release here.

Diversion of the Coast to Coast route at Catterick Bridge
From 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017 there will be a variation to the Coast to Coast route west of Catterick Bridge whilst major road works are in operation on the A1. During this time, the footpath passing underneath the A1 will be closed.

A signed diversion will direct walkers south of the Coast to Coast route. Click image below for larger map.

‘There is an alternative route available for the section of the Coast to Coast route that has had to be closed. For this at grid reference SE 2121 9944 turn south-east and walk approximately 1 kilometre to meet the A6136 Catterick Road, continue on the wide footway for another kilometre and continue to follow the road over the A1. When you reach the eastern side of the A1 continue for approximately another 100 metres before turning north-east on to the dismantled railway, which will cross the River Swale. After crossing the River Swale from the south, turn east along the public footpath to join back up to the Coast to Coast route.’

The detailed Order can be read here

Amendments to the C to C route 2014
Following discussions with the various local authorities, amendments to the Coast to Coast route have been agreed with The Wainwright Society.

To download a larger image of each map simply click on the image.

1. Shap Abbey
Ref: A Coast to Coast Walk p. 55
Shap Abbey
This amendment corrects an anomaly at Shap Abbey where walkers are directed along a private road. The amended route takes a public footpath (not clear on the ground) ENE uphill to the entrance of the Abbey grounds. The amended route begins at NY 54790 15345 and ends at NY 55018 15425.

2. Shap Abbey
Ref: A Coast to Coast Walk p. 57
Shap Abbey
An alternative to road walking into Shap has been waymarked at Shap Abbey. On arriving at the entrance to the Abbey grounds, a public footpath running parallel with the road may be taken. It re-joins the road in approximately half a mile. The amended route begins at NY 55018 15425 and ends at NY 55922 15570.

3. Richmond
Ref: A Coast to Coast Walk p. 111
On the way out of Richmond, heading east, an alternative to walking along the A6136 presents itself with a new route that utilises the track bed of a former railway line (now a footpath). On reaching the A6136, turn left along this for 200 yards and turn sharp right along the side of the old railway station. Follow the disused railway for half a mile, then turn right over a cattle grid and immediately left to re-join the original route. The amended route begins at NZ 17692 00733 and ends at NZ 18155 00212.

4. Catterick Bridge
Ref: A Coast to Coast Walk p. 113
Catterick Bridge
A safer route to cross the River Swale at Catterick Bridge uses a former railway line to the west of the road bridge. On passing under the A1, continue to the bridge of the old railway. Turn immediately right and right again up some steps to join the railway. Cross over the river and follow it to the right to the north end of Catterick Bridge and re-join the original route. The amended route begins at SE 22628 99250 and ends at SE 22717 99405.

5. Sleights Moor
Ref: A Coast to Coast Walk p. 155
Sleights Moor
The original route across Flat Howe has been diverted on to a public footpath on the advice of North York Moors National Park Authority to prevent further erosion to the heather moor. The footpath is signed Coast to Coast on a routed post on the unfenced road at NZ 85328 04482. The footpath joins the A169 SSW of the original route at NZ 85982 04305. Walk north-east along the A169 to re-join the original route The amended route begins at NZ 85328 04482 and ends at NZ 86162 04728.

6. May Beck and Low Sneaton Moor
Ref: A Coast to Coast Walk p. 157
May Beck and Low Sneaton Moor
A new boardwalk has been constructed on the north-east bank of May Beck between Midge Hall and May Beck car park. Formerly, the Coast to Coast route crossed May Beck over stepping stones, which are no longer there. After passing Falling Foss waterfall, cross a wooden bridge and walk 70 yards to a stone bridge. Cross the bridge and use the boardwalk, continuing on the north-east bank to May Beck car park. The amended route begins at NZ 88898 03450 and ends at NZ 89078 03295.

Heading north to pass New May Beck Farm, the Coast to Coast takes a new line across Sneaton Low Moor to bypass a notoriously boggy section. After passing the farm, turn east and follow the revised line of the footpath to a gate. Here turn north and follow the wall to meet the B1416.  A new footpath has been created to the south of the B1416.  Follow the path to a gate and cross the road to join the original route across Graystone Hills.  The amended route begins at NZ 89738 03390 and ends at NZ 90730 03965.

Coast to Coast Walk - Navigational Errors
From Ennerdale to Borrowdale
In response to a request from the Mountain Rescue Association, we have been asked to report that a number of Coast to Coast walkers are making serious navigational errors just beyond Black Sail Youth Hostel, and so fail to turn up at Loft Beck for the correct route. Mountain Rescue Teams have been called out on numerous occasions to respond to walkers getting into difficulty on this leg between Ennerdale Bridge and Rosthwaite. The following map serves to re-iterate the correct routing beyond the Black Sail Hut and walkers are advised to pay extra attention to this point of the walk. 
Coast to Coast route advice from Mountain Rescue
To download a printable PDF of this map click here

Coast to Coast 2nd editionA Second Edition of A Coast to Coast Walk
was published in June 2010 by Frances Lincoln.  The book was completely revised and updated by Chris Jesty, who had previously revised the seven Pictorial Guides and The Outlying Fells.

In this edition, the route is picked out in red for greater visibility on the page and the complete walk has been checked and updated where necessary.

Julia Bradbury and Eric Robson
The Wainwright Society Chairman Eric Robson filming with Julia Bradbury at St. Bees lighthouse for her series on the Wainwright Coast to Coast Walk. The programmes were first shown on BBC4 and BBC2 in the spring of 2009.

Coast to Coast in the news
The Wainwright Society has no control over any of the following sites, and as such accepts no responsibility for their content or accuracy.

Reopening of Lord Stones Cafe - Coast to Coast walkers in particular will be interested to learn that Lord Stones Café on Carlton Bank (North York Moors National Park) reopened for business on Thursday 10th October ..... more

New Coast to Coast information board unveiled at Robin Hood’s Bay - September 2013
A new Coast to Coast information board was unveiled at Robin Hood’s Bay by Peter Linney, retired Secretary of The Wainwright Society on Saturday 7th September 2013

Coast to Coast information board at St Bees

Sunday 26th May 2013
A stainless steel banner, funded by The Wainwright Society, has been mounted on the top of the ‘Wainwright Wall’ at St. Bees, denoting the starting point of the Coast to Coast Walk. It has been placed above a new information board, which was unveiled by Eric Robson, Chairman of the Society, in May this year. The banner bears the words, ‘Start of Coast to Coast Walk’, which are set below a copy of Wainwright’s gradient profile of the route ..... more

New bridge built for walkers on Wainwright's Coast to Coast route - Grough 09 April 2013
Walkers can now set off on a long-distance route on a firmer footing with the opening of a new bridge ...

Julia Bradbury on following the footsteps of Lake District master
Daily Mail - 23/09/09
The 190-mile marathon retraces the long-distance route plotted by the much-loved Lake District walking guides writer, Alfred Wainwright. ...

Walkers invited to Coast to Coast celebration
Grough - 01/09/09
Walkers are being invited to follow in the footsteps of Lakeland’s most venerated chronicler of the fells – in the Yorkshire Dales. ...

Bedale Boy's Coast to Coast trek raises £700
Northern Echo - 29/08/09
Edward Wright, 14, from Bedale, clocked up 192 miles on the Coast to Coast Walk between St Bees in West Cumbria and Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire. ...

60-year-olds step it out on coast to coast route
Berrows Journal - 05/08/09
Denise and John Reeve, of Flyford Flavell, near Per-shore, tackled the 192-mile coast to coast walk from St Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire. ...

Walk across England offers sights and hospitality
Inside Bay Area - 16/07/09
Eventually, she joined a Vermont mom and two teenage daughters to finish her 17-day journey. Wharton had trained for the Wainwright Coast to Coast Walk .

Walk to Bay is named number one walk
Whitby Today - 13/07/09
The 190-mile route route made famous by Alfred Wainwright “offers perhaps the most dramatic and lush scenery in the country,” says a Walking Special feature ...

Trustee chief coasts home
The Star - 09/06/09
THE Chairman of Trustees at St Luke's Hospice has raised more than £6000 by trekking the full 190 miles of the famous Wainwright Coast to Coast Walk. ...

Coast-to-Coast charity hero Tom dies
Grough - 15/05/09
The young walker who braved some of the winter's worst weather to complete the Coast-to-Coast Walk for charity died yesterday. Tom Buckley, who had cancer, ...

Coast-to-coast walk rakes in cash
Whitby Today - 27/04/09
Two charity runners have succeeded in their bid to run a coast-to-coast route from St Bee's Head in Cumbria to Robin Hood's Bay in only seven ...

Autumn ramble through wilds of Great Britain
NZ Herald Auckland Metro - 17/04/09
We are in the Lake District, on Wainwright's walk across the north of England from coast to coast. ...

Coast to Coast for 60-year-old Susan Kirby after two hip replacements
Huddersfield Examiner - 12/03/09
"At his funeral we had a collection for the charity and I said to my mum that I would do the Coast to Coast walk. "Well, I’d just had a hip operation and ...

Marathon a day in honour of club death pal
Lancashire Evening Post - 13/02/09
The walk was devised by Alfred Wainwright, the writer and hill-walker. Usually, people take at least two weeks doing the walk – but Dave has set himself the ...

Walkers salute Tom's courage
Manchester Online - 29/12/08
Brave Tom Buckley walked astounded expert walkers with his gruelling coast-to-coast trek. ...

Cancer man Tom completes his £50,000 walk
Grough - 17/12/08
Always a major challenge to walkers, the Coast-to-Coast Walk, devised by Alfred Wainwright, is incredibly difficult in December, with short daylight hours, ...

Hiking with cancer: The final frontier
Independent - 09/12/08
"That was when I stumbled across this coast-to-coast walk on the internet. I'm glad I didn't know what it would be like and how hard it is. ...

Long hike in England good for body and spirit
Toledo Blade - 23/11/08
It's been voted one of the world's best hikes, called a "once in a lifetime experience," and some 5,000 people attempt it every year. ...

Eco-huts plan for Cleveland Way walkers
Grough - UK 15/10/08
Part of the Cleveland Way is shared by Wainwright’s Coast-to-Coast Walk, so any buildings could potentially be used by walkers on the final leg of their ...

Julia Drops in at Honister Slate Mine
North-West Evening Mail 02/10/08
Julia was filming a new series on Alfred Wainwright’s famous Coast-to-Coast walk which starts at St Bees in Whitehaven and passes Honister on its way across the country. ...

All things light and beautiful
The Australian - Sydney, Australia 23/08/08
It is when we take a breather by the rocky shores of Innominate Tarn that we feel the spirit of walking writer Alf Wainwright most keenly ...

Son's coast to coast walk for tragic dad
Blackpool Gazette 10/08/08
By Heather Butler A COAST to Coast challenge is back on in memory of the victims of the Morecambe Bay helicopter disaster. More than a year after Andy ...

Coast walker’s success after friend’s fall
GazetteLive 11/06/08
A STUDENT doctor who bandaged up her friend on a treacherous Lake District path has completed the Coast to Coast walk. Clare Francis, 30, started the ...

Friends coast along to raise charity cash
Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph 06/12/07
A group of rambling friends have completed the walk of a lifetime to raise almost £4,000 for the British Heart Foundation.

Strolling England, west to east
The Denver Post 28/07/07
Lonely Planet's "Walking in Britain" book is a good introduction to the country, but if you want to go back to source, Wainwright's "A Coast to Coast Walk" ...

The Full Monty
The Telegram, Canada 08/06/07
Devouring a huge breakfast each morning is just one of the challenges (and pleasures) of England's Coast to Coast walk that takes one through the Lake ...

Walkers complete epic trek for seafarers
Shipping Times UK 22/05/07
Two intrepid walkers have completed the gruelling 197-mile Coast-to-Coast Walk from St Bee’s in Cumbria to Robin Hood’s Bay in Yorkshire, raising awareness of the conditions faced by merchant seafarers and also money for the work of the Apostleship of the Sea.

Ramble On
Guardian Unlimited 25/08/06
Alfred Wainwright's coast-to-coast walk has brought unexpected prosperity to backwaters whose economies have long been on the back foot.

Crossing paths
Guardian Unlimited 26/07/06
The Coast to Coast Walk across northern England takes you through three of the country's finest national parks. But the real beauty of it is the camaraderie you find along the way.

England on foot
St. Petersburg Times 31/07/2005
He wanted to run across England, from Irish Sea to North Sea, alone. But he knew he'd need a sensible supporter with a car, a cell phone, a lot of patience - and love.

Coast walk tops trek to Everest
BBC News 23/11/04
The Coast to Coast walk has been named among the world's best walks ahead of world-famous hikes to the Inca Trail, Everest and Mont Blanc.

Ravenber Way

Coast to Coast Packhorse

striding edge

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